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HELLAS: Wine Dark Void
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Publisher: Khepera Publishing
by Devon K. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/07/2012 23:58:37

Wine Dark Void is full of information for those who like their games to happen in the deep, dark depths of space. And Slipspace. It's a sizable cookbook, full of delicious ingredients, ready for you to take and throw into your game to enhance the feel and wonders of the unknown. And, it goes into space combat. And I love it!

To start, there is a really beautiful sheet to use for tracking opponent locations as well as vehicle stats. It's the kind of sheet I want to print out in full color and laminate so I can use it time and time again for space battles. And it's all centered on the heroes ship. All the maneuvers are simple and well explained to make space combats fast, furious and intensely fun. There is even a cinematic damage chart! What's cooler, blowing 5 hitpoints off your opponents ship, or causing a surge to go to the pilot's station and disable him in a halo of static and arching bursts of energy?

With all the extra locations, ships, explanations and rules expansions, this is a great book for fans of this game. If your group likes to spend time in space, this is almost a must have. I highly recommend it.

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HELLAS: Wine Dark Void
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