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In The Camera Eye [Dark Future/Space/Modern Theme Music] $1.00
Publisher: Fishwife Games
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/06/2012 00:07:52

This track has a funky bass beat and plenty of guitars. It sort of feels like 90s alternative rock meets disco. It’s catchy, but not overpowering, and would play pretty well under an RPG scenario without distracting from the gameplay. Personally, I’d be most likely to use it for a modern police/paramilitary, cyberpunk, superhero, or gritty sci-fi adventure. I think it would go very well under a chase, investigation, or skill challenge. Away from the gaming table, I don’t expect to leave it on in the background while I try to work or read. The ID3 tags need to be populated better (there’s no need for the artist’s pseudonym to appear in the track title; an album name and album artwork would be nice).

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In The Camera Eye [Dark Future/Space/Modern Theme Music]
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