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Grave Undertakings: The Ship of Fools [Preview] $6.99 $0.00
Publisher: Total Party Kill Games
by Robert D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/27/2012 18:33:43

I know the title says [Preview] but the description describes a full-blown finished adventure and does not discuss the differences between the preview and finished product. Further, it doesn't explain how the full product is supposed to be purchased. The price implies that the preview has been reduced from $6.99 to $0.00 but I find it difficult to believe the preview was ever worth $6.99 (it only has eleven pages).

The eleven pages in the preview show signs of a very high quality product; it would just be very nice to know exactly how to purchase said document.

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Creator Reply:
I'm sorry if it wasn't clear about the preview's purpose and intent. It was a teaser release prior to the actual release, designed to generate interest in the product and give downloaders an advanced look at the product before it was released. The actual description on the download page should answer any questions you have about the adventure itself, and certainly the preview is not $6.99, rather that indicates the upcoming release price of the adventure in pdf format.

Also, the product is now available for purchase in our products section. Thank you for the compliments on our quality, this is a fine adventure!
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Grave Undertakings: The Ship of Fools [Preview]
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