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Tegel Manor - Revised & Expanded Edition $4.99
Publisher: Judges Guild
by James V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/13/2004 00:32:56

The actual title of this game supplement is "The Original Revised & Expanded Tegel Manor", written by Bob Bledsaw, but it is Revised and Expanded by Niels Erickson, maps by Judges Guild. In otherwords this is a SECOND EDITION COPY of the original D&D supplement, copyrighted by GameScience 1989, with permission from Mayfair Games (owner of Judges Guild material at that time). In other words this IS NOT a Judges Guild original publication.

I have a used copy of the Original "Tegel Manor and it has the "Official Dungeon Aid Approved for Dungeons & Dragons" label in big and bold letters on the bottom edge of the cover. It is copyrighted 1977 by Judges Guild, and is the FIRST EDITION "Tegel Manor". The artwork is by Kevin Siembieda (founder of Judges Guild and now Owner/Editor of Palladium Games), Pixie Bledsaw (I assume wife of Bob Bledsaw) and Ken Simpson.

Here is an interesting and very bizarre point. Copies of the dungeon map from the GameScience edition of "Tegel Manor" is stuffed right along side a copy of the original map provided in the Judges Guild edition. And the GameScience .PDF ebook has copies both editions too! How wierd is that?

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Tegel Manor - Revised & Expanded Edition
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