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Ashen Stars: Dead Rock Seven
Publisher: Pelgrane Press
by Michael H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/21/2012 14:14:30

These are an excellent set of scenarios for Ashen Stars, taking the characters to a variety of colorful locations during their investigations. Although the included scenarios are linked, they can easily be played as single scenarios instead. Of the four scenarios, I liked "Dead Rock Seven" the best since it reminds me of some of my favorite sci-fi stories. One word of warning for potential buyers: the adventures are somewhat "adult" in nature, especially "The Pleasure Bringers" which centers around the search for a missing corporate investigator on a planet whose economy largely revolves around sex, drugs, and rock & roll. While the references aren't gratuitous (I would call it PG-13) and it's easy to push all of those references to the background, it's something that some readers might not like. Personally I love the fact that the author decided to write scenarios aimed directly at an adult audience rather than ignoring various tropes and elements that are perfect for the dark, gritty Ashen Stars setting. Kudos.

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Ashen Stars: Dead Rock Seven
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