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Cog Cruiser: Arcane Rat Generator $5.64 $3.95
Publisher: Mayhem in Paper
by David W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/20/2012 18:11:47

WOW! What an AMAZING model! This model has ALL of the traits I look for in a model: It looks GREAT assembled; It is easy to build, so you can make LOTS of them; It has various color schemes; It doesn't cost a lot; AND, there is a bonus 15mm version for Epic Gamers!

This model can not ONLY be used in a Steampunk Genre, but would fit in PERFECTLY with ANY other genre! It could be a mobile tower belching flame constructed by Dwarven weaponsmiths in a fantasy setting; it can be used by Orcs in a Sci-Fi setting; and even in a WWII setting it could slip in as well.

A GREAT product. A WONDERFUL model. INFINITE possibilities! A MUST HAVE!

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Cog Cruiser: Arcane Rat Generator
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