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Conspiracy X 2.0
Publisher: Eden Studios
by sean l. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/30/2006 19:22:57

So to start off, I am a long time ConX fan, I own all the 1.0 books.

I had recently bought the treeware version of this pdf for myself, but I decided that I wanted to be able to search the book and to have the ability to print out small sections fror my group.

The book has had some edits to bring it up to date from the orignal 1996 Conx 1.0 version. (The Black Book is now refered to as the National Defense Directorate. There is also a mention that there are multiple Saurian races on Earth.)

There is also an section on converting ConX 1.0 to the new version (which great if you own all the other source books like me!)

As always, Eden has great artwork and the book is very readable and printable. I also like that it is watermarked and doesnt use (evil and forsaken) DRM. I hate adobe drm and refuse to buy any products that use it.

In the future you will see some more updated sourcebooks from eden (The Extraterrestrial source book & Paranormal Sourcebook.)

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Conspiracy X 2.0
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