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10 Luckbringer Feats $1.00
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Joshua G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/04/2012 16:20:20

With 10 Luckbringer Feats, Rite publishing revisits its Luckbringer class, giving us a little more lucky love. Weighing in at 5 pages, with Front cover, OGL, Back Ad, and 2 pages reserved for the 10 new feats and one piece of internal art. Granted, the internal art is the character from the cover, but if you're anything like I am, having clean images without backgrounds are always a plus when you're hunting the next great PC picture for your character sheet. Formatting is dual column, with a stylized framework adorning the page.

Rather than list for you each of the ten, I thought I would focus on a few examples, and what caught my eye in regards to them. Last Minute Gamble allows you to empty your pool of moments to gain extra damage/per luckbringer level, as well increase the DC of the hazard special attack you will be applying that damage to. Advantageous Strikeallows for an extra dice to be included in critical hit confirmation rolls, which is always a good thing when trying to beat the odds. Auspicious Escape spreads some of that 3PP love around, in that it is a feat for the Luckbringer, as well as a feat for either the Time Thief or Time Warden (from Super Genius Games).

Grammatically speaking, if this was a larger product, I would call the editing fairly good. However, with only two pages of material, that after artwork, legal notice and Table are more like three columns of text in all actuality, this seemed like quite a few mistakes. Advantageous Strike ...manipulate probabilities so as hit just the …(missing the word to) Karmic Reaction …..special ability on an ally previously who in an adjacent square....(perhaps the addition of the word is would of helped this sentence, between who and in)...and.....that ally though some random chance subjects itself.....(shouldn't though be through?)

The concept of the Luckbringer intrigues me, but I have a soft spot for scoundrels who beat the odds, as if the very universe loves them, so whereas I am biased into liking the material here, I can not overlook three grammatical mistakes in a product of this size, and am pinging a star for it. Beyond that, the feats are well designed, and the art piece by Giordano Pranzoni is fantastic, so I will be going with a 4 star rating. Give us an update and fix those few mistakes, and I will happily up my rating to a 5 star, because the only thing that held this PDF from a 5 star was that the product is almost of a size range where editing mistakes are unforgivable.

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10 Luckbringer Feats
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