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Mini-Adventure 1: The Complex of Zombies $6.49 $2.00
Publisher: Dream Machine Productions
by Jonathan N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/03/2012 01:00:17

Coming from one of my favorite game theory and commentary websites The Alexandrian, I decided to give this adventure a go despite no longer having anything to do with the D20/3rd edition ruleset. I converted the numbers as best I could to 4th edition D&D and plunked it down in the middle of a sandbox campaign. When the heroes found it the place inspired horror, most especially with the very detailed table of chaotic magic changes that might occur while casting a spell or from prolonged exposure to a pool of elemental chaos. The rest of the complex was interesting in its own right as well, and since it's on sale right now for a measly two bucks I definitely recommend it, even if you have to do a bit of legwork converting to your system of choice, if for no other reason than for the clear and well made dungeon history (open enough to plant nearly anywhere, but logical and detailed enough that you know why things are in the state they are) and table of random effects for overexposure to chaotic magic.

There were a couple problems with clarity (it was confusing whether room 1 is where the adventurers were expected to begin or end up later due to some conflicting information), and trying to remember the big ol' chart for use when your players inevitably poke the pool of chaos (or spend too long dungeon delving - I found that OSRIC's exploration timing rules helped keep track of game time here) is darn near impossible without flipping around between the pages a few times, but on the whole this adventure had some cool elements to it as well as helpful advice in running things. Alas my players have long since learned to leave spiked doors shut, but perhaps one day they will return to finish what they started...

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Mini-Adventure 1: The Complex of Zombies
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