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101 Pirates and Privateer Traits (PFRPG) $5.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/29/2012 09:14:13

Iron Nugget

101 Pirates and Privateer Traits provides over 100 creative traits for rogues, pirates and swashbuckling type characters. Even if your campaign is landlocked, the writers do an excellent job of making a good many of the traits accessible whether you are on a boat. The 18 pages compacts a decent amount of fluff with mechanics for each entry.

Iron Uses: Great for Players and Dungeon Masters looking to spice up their rogues or add some chaotic flavor to their character. it goes without saying that this is a must have if you are running a sea campaign.

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101 Pirates and Privateer Traits (PFRPG)
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