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Bulldogs! (Fate Classic Edition)
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Publisher: Galileo Games
by Leonardo P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/24/2012 22:49:18

Looks: The art is simple, but good. Liked a lot the layout and format of the book, keeps it easy and quick to read and find stuff.

Writing: The writing is good, it shows the FATE system very well and it has nice explanations.

Content: Now, I think this is the best Sci-Fi FATE implementation out there. The organization of the book is very good, the FATE system rules are well presented and all the sic-fi stuff is pretty nicely done. It has some standard species (or races) and a great ruleset and guideline to create your own races, also I really like the way they incorporate races into the FATE system. Most parts of the contents includes guidelines to creating your own stuff with some really nice rules. You can create starships, weapons, species and stunts that match your scenario with ease and not worry about them being unbalanced. It also has some rules to work as a crew on your spaceship, you assign positions and responsibilities for the crew members and they act different in space combat, for example.

Awesome book! When I'm creating my own FATE games and settings I mostly use this book as a reference.

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Bulldogs! (Fate Classic Edition)
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