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Publisher: White Wolf
by Richard J. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/22/2012 16:18:32

I really like the vinettes about, and the emphasis on "ground level" stuff in Creation, while still having cool supernatural things about to chew on and spur some ideas. I also think there was some great story hook stuff, especially in the West and South parts of the directions, and the stuff on the Guild's interaction with mortals. I also really liked the stuff on the Underworld, raksha, and the Sidereals in all of it.

I think there are a couple criticisms. I still don't quite understand the discussion on why the Guild doesn't do long-term stuff instead of breaking a region's back wiht swing-monopolies (the paragraph seems almost to cut-off, but I might be misreading it). The secretary who used to be dream-eaten has to of risen really fast in just five years to get to her job if it was a Defiler that gave her a soul back. And I was sort of surprised to see Bren Marst downgraded from hierarch. I also am a bit confused as to whether hierarchs are actually replaced or not. The section on elections and their validity implied to e that sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't.

Still, very solid book, and something to get me amped to run Exalted again, which is always something that I think a good book needs to do. Creation-Ruling Mandate is also very useful seeming and I have to do some playtesting and organization-sketching with it one of these days, I think.

And stuff.

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Masters of Jade
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