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The Age of Shadow: Campaign Guide $2.99
Publisher: Crooked Staff Publishing
by William W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/14/2012 07:37:39

A nice collection of goodies for the Age of Shadow RPG, assembled for easy consumption by interested players or potential gamemasters. This package includes a primer on the history, cultures, races of the Great Lands, a guide to Elvish script, a gazetteer of the various nations and the races that occupy them, a pair of beautiful full-color maps, and a guide to special items found in the realm (Dwarf-steel, Elvish lamps, Runes of Power, etc.). In addition, there are several alternate rules provided, for those who want to customize their game - a point-buy system for character creation, and rules for epic characters, combat order, and variable armor. Last but not least, there is a chapter on using improvised NPCs, with 14 printable NPC sheets for quick, on-the-fly character improv.

This is a great little starter package that appeals to anyone interested in Age of Shadow.

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The Age of Shadow: Campaign Guide
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