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All-Stars: A Game of Low-Budget Superheroics $17.99 $7.99
Publisher: Hex Games
by William W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/09/2012 13:32:38

Goofy superheroics for the QAGS system! This QAGS supplement is highly influenced by comical superheroes akin to The Tick and Mystery Men. It includes gimmicks, flaws, weaknesses, super powers (and ways to get them), and a city stocked with a civilians to protect and serve. Don't miss the Superhero/Villian/Team Naming Table!

This would be a great diversion game to run when your group has grown tired of serious roleplaying and would like to lighten it up for a while. Due to some language and adult themes, I would recommend against letting children read this supplement (despite the very cartoony cover art).

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All-Stars: A Game of Low-Budget Superheroics
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