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Legendary Classes: The Rook [PFRPG] $2.52 $2.51
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Kenneth A. C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/31/2012 09:35:12

Before reading my review, you should probably know that I've been collaborating with the great guys at Purple Duck Games on several projects and that I received a free copy of this product. However, I have nothing invested in this product and feel that I can speak freely.

I love new classes, and the idea of a mix between a mage and a rogue sounds really good, but does the Rook work?

The Rook has spells (up to 6th level) and gains talents much like the rogue, but what really sets the class apart from the sorcerer and rogue is something called schisms. These are unique philosophies that enables the Rook to walk different paths. Some of these seem a little weak and single-minded, like the Necrotist schisms (which seems heavily focused on hit points), but also includes a schism like the Schade, which brings something entirely new to the gametable... the Silhouette. This is just that, a silhouette of the Rook that he can control and use in battle, but it just has a much different feel than the shadow of the shadowdancer. These seem pretty useful outside combat as well and would make great spies for the PCs. The Rook has a choice between 4 schisms. I can only hope that the purple ducks will make new schisms available in the future.

The pdf also includes a really nice section for making spells available to the Rook, from other 3pp sources, which is pretty cool. This section is written in a very useful way that certainly makes the GMs life easier, but also makes the Rook more useful to the players.

Overall, you get a lot of content for your money (a base class, a 1st level NPC, favored class options, 2 rook feats, 2 magic items and 10 new spells) and the Rook seems pretty balanced. I found only a couple of powers that seemed either too powerful (like the Schade's Shadow Siphon talent) or too weak (like the Schade's Soul Shift power at 20th level). Unfortunately, the Schade is also my absolute favorite among the schisms. I hope to find some use for this class in upcoming campaigns... and who knows, maybe I am wrong on those few balancing issues.

I think this product deserves 3.5 stars, but since that isn't possible here, I am going to round up, seeing as the low price makes this a steal.

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Legendary Classes: The Rook [PFRPG]
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