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Imperial Mysteries $5.95
Publisher: White Wolf
by Adrian R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/21/2012 20:20:30

This book is full of story hooks and suggestions that conspire to give a gm all sorts of ideas, even if they are never going to let their players anywhere near arch-Mage levels of power. It gives reasons why beings of such power get involved with lower powered beings (of any splat), while at the same time explaining why they don't just do the job themselves. In short it adds another antagonist to any World of Darkness game the gm wants to use them in, without making them necessarily the center of the game, while at the same time giving you plenty of material so that you could if you wanted to. Now I really want to run a Mage game, as the ideas it inspires are too good not to use.

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Imperial Mysteries
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