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The Waking Dead $0.00
Publisher: Eden Studios
by Robert B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/10/2012 14:17:15

How do you do a review? I guess you should start with an introduction. My name is Robert Burt. I have been playing Paper and pen game since I was in high school. I graduated in 1978. I believe I have played most of the games out there at one time or another. But enough about me let’s talked about the Walking dead supplement from All Flesh Must Be Eaten.

AFMBE as the call themselves is brought to us by Eden Studios. It is a free RPG Day supplement. Yes I said supplement, this is not some 5 page scenarios, catalog, tidbit of a hook to get you to buy more, ECT freebie that most companies put out. This is a full introductory kit for free. This is 34 pages of well thought out, well published free material. It is an introduction to both the AFMBE game and the “Unisystem” rules that govern this game. The first 16 pages I like to call AFMBE lite, a fully playable set of rules for the game including six complete what they call archetypes. What we use to call pre generated player caricatures. They range from the marine down to the street thug. The templates are wonderful and add a 3D likeness to the player that they can draw from. If you like these check out their Archetype books for the game.

The game is about the same has Savage Worlds, D20, in complexity. Not too complex just enough to be fun without being to rules heavy. This lite version is even less complex than the full game.

Now we come the introductory adventure. Did I mention this is a free download? Most of the time with a free download adventure you get 5 pages maybe less of a plot with a lot of fluff, a couple of lines of adventure with a do what you would like attitude. So I usually just borrow ideas from them and go on.

This adventure starts just like the AMC show or the graphic novels. You are in a Hospital (Rick), and you must leave. Note there is no floor plan. AFMBE believes adding a floor plan would make this adventure to much like a “fantasy dungeon-crawl”. Maybe, maybe not you could always make up your own map or buy a map. After the entire down load is Free. If the adventure ended here I would say you got your monies worth, however now comes scene two: outside the hospital and in to “the real world”. The adventure takes on a Steve King’s The Stand type of adventure. Now you have to decide between good or evil. Then we have scene three and four: the climatic battle. They have enough material in the two pages devoted to this to make a full night of adventure itself.

So in conclusion dose this download give you value? I believe I mention that it is a FREE download. I myself have spent 5 to10 bucks just for a down load like this from other companies. Yes it gives you value even if you are not into Zombies. So give it a try I can honestly say this was one of the best spent zero dollars I have ever spent. OH and did I mention IT’S FREE.

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The Waking Dead
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