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Olympian Breed - Setting Primer & Character Creation Guide $4.99 $0.99
Publisher: Palewolf Publishing
by David H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/05/2012 19:34:35

Disclaimer 1: The publisher contacted me directly to review their products. Disclaimer 2: I automatically upgrade my ratings for Free products (which this was when I reviewed it; hopefully it stays that way).

Content: 1 Cover, 2 Character sheet, 5 pages of text. 8 pages total.

For the SWEX rules (Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition), plus Super Powers Companion, instead of the current Core Rules (Deluxe Edition). That doesn't matter much, since PCs don't have to worry about the Guts skill, and removing that was arguably the biggest change in character creation between the editions.

Solid opening text. It references classic mythology without going into details or explanation. If you're reading this product then you probably already know about Greek mythology; if you don't then this will leave you confused. My complaint is that there are no references or recommended readings, at all, so people wanting to do some research for the style and tone of the game are completely on their own.

Good character-background questions section. Eleven questions to help generate character backgrounds, some of which I ask for all of my Savage games (because they help when choosing Hindrances).

Graphics are skimpy and mostly simple black & white, but very fitting and useful. The map of ancient Greece is probably better than what actual Greeks had, is sepia with color 'national' borders, and makes the land appear much more settled and orderly than was probably the case (and certainly moreso than the mythic Greece I'm familiar with would indicate). The map is also a page-stopper, and pulls me in ever time I see it; worth picking up the book just for that map.

Totally missing: It could have used some good guidance on the style and tone typical for the setting (AGON had this in spades). However, the presentation leaves it up to each group what style and tone of Greece they play in (which AGON totally lacked), and freedom to play what you enjoy is a good thing. Economic discussion. The character sheet talks about coins of various metals, but everything else is in dollars.

Crunchy Bits: Super Powers Companion required. Very low power (Minor Leaguers: 6 pp, 3 per Power Points edge). There's a custom edge that replaces Arcane Background: Supers, lets you ignore the Guts skill, and gives characters a vague and plot-heavy 'mystic sight'. Destiny hindrance could be renamed "Player Character" for all that it adds to the game. "Your life is marked with great challenges, strife, and peril," is all the downside the (major) hindrance enumerates. It's either a "no drawback" hindrance for those that don't want to role play, or an open invitation for the GM to do whatever evil, cruel, vicious, or mean things to your character that his black little heart desires. I can't tell which is the intention, and I GM a lot of Savage Worlds games. Maybe this is just supposed to be the Super Karma hindrance, taken to get extra power points? No restriction or guidance on power choices. You can very easily play Achilles - immune to mortal weapons and therefore the scariest warrior alive (i.e. take the Armor power with the Heavy Armor modifier, making you immune to non-heavy weapons; if it's not a catapult or a divine weapon then you don't care).

Character Sheet: Simple, clean, and fitting. Not too bad to print, all in grayscale. The first page gives a lot of room for the basics of the character and the second has plenty of room for advances (20 of them), a block for allies, and some usable notes space.

Overall: The map alone makes me glad I grabbed this; it's gorgeous, in an austere sort of way. Add in the character sheet and I'm pretty pleased. The setting might pique your interest, though I wanted to see what they actually did with it (see Act One). An otherwise average hasty introduction to the setting, and for free it is definitely worth checking out. And decent character sheets are always worth finding.

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Olympian Breed - Setting Primer & Character Creation Guide
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