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Interface Zero 1.0 $4.15
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Joshua M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/01/2012 11:57:58

Interface Zero is the go to book for Cyberpunk. The Savage Worlds edition holds nicely to the Fast Furious Fun aspect, and the book itself has been made to a nice standard. The art inside is inspiring, however the black and white aspect seems a little out of date by modern standards. I can however say that all the pretty pictures in the world are useless without content. If content is king then this book is the Supreme Emperor of all. It contains many examples gear, people, places, things, and ways to create all of the above if you want to tailor something specific in mind.

The Interface Zero book has a good setting that you can CHOOSE to use. However, the book has been designed to allow you to run any kind of Cyberpunk setting. Want Ghost in the Shell, Shadowrun, Repo Men, AI, Terminator, Bubblegum Crisis, etc., etc. it has the rules to cover it.

There really is only 2 minor downpoints to this book, The lack Zeeks which are Psychics, and the Hacking System seems a little flat (but functional). Neither drawback is major, and both have additional content to address it.

Final thoughts: This is the new Hyperchrome standard for Cyberpunk games.

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Interface Zero 1.0
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