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Deathwatch: First Founding $39.95 $19.95
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
par Dennis S. [Critique vedette] Date Ajoutée: 12/20/2011 21:21:25

First Founding was perhaps designed to allay a common complaint among Warhammer 40k fans, that Deathwatch did not include enough of the classic Space Marine chapters for prospective players to use when building their characters. First Founding includes Chapter advancement tables and powers for the First Founding chapters not covered in the original Deathwatch: the Iron Hands, Salamanders, Raven Guard and White Scars. It also includes new stuff for the previously introduced chapters, the Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Imperial Fists. Fantasy Flight Games has always done a really good job with the Warhammer 40k setting, in my book. They’ve made it a really accessible universe to game in even if you have never heard of Games Workshop before, just because they digest its vast, sordid history so neatly and so well in their books. First Founding is no different. It includes reams of fluff to help you understand each Chapter of the Space Marines and how they are different. Not only that, it includes quite a bit of fluff about the ancient conflict which is the backbone of the entire setting, the Horus Heresy, as well as the Traitor Legions that initiated it. What's more, there is a lot of new rules material to fully support and integrate the First Founding chapters into the Deathwatch game. Whether you're running a Deathwatch campaign already (in which case there are new options for your old characters) or looking to start a new one entirely, First Founding is an excellent product to procure.

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Deathwatch: First Founding
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