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The Tavern by the Sea $6.75 $2.75
Publisher: Tavernmaster Games
by Ken S. A. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/20/2011 20:51:34

I created the Tavern by the Sea, and decided to share it with my pal Andy Holmes. Damned if the didn't make it even better than I thought it could be. This is a short solo adventure for Tunnels and Trolls. I meant it to be both complete in itself, and a jumping off place for other adventures. Andy went ahead and jumped off into another adventure, and gave it to you as part of the product. You really get two solos in one. The original American version has some colorful and evocative art by David Ullery, a member of Trollhalla. Andy's British edition has even more amazing art by Trollhalla member Jeff Freels. No other solo adventure has so many bizarre characters--from Big Burp the Trollish bouncer to Miraxus the Pirate Vampire and many another rogue you can insert into your own adventures. And then there is the bar brawl to end all bar brawls--you gotta love it! One more thing--Andy Holmes is a man with a lot of heart. He's donating the entire proceeds from his version of Tavern by the Sea to Jeff Freels' transplant fund. Yes, the artist needs an organ transplant, and we've been trying to raise money for it at Trollhalla, but this is an unusually selfless gesture by Mr. Holmes, and the artist is the man who needs the transplant. As you can see, he is working to help himself while entertaining us gamers. Get a copy--and maybe help save a talented life.

In a year of unusually good T & T gaming releases, this version of Tavern by the Sea gets my vote for best release of the year. I'm proud to be associated with it, but in all honesty, it's the additional writing by Andy Holmes and the great humorous art of Jeff Freels that lift this product above the rest. --Ken St. Andre

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The Tavern by the Sea
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