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Fight! The Fighting Game RPG $24.95 $7.50
Publisher: Divine Madness Press
by Shane C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/12/2011 14:52:45

As a fan of fighting games, coming across Fight! The Fighting Game RPG made me smile, and naturally I purchased it.

After an hour or two of reading, and running a few combats in the system, I've decided it was money well spent.

As one can expect, the combat is the core of the system, and from all I've seen, it works excellently at emulating the games it's based off of.

I've run test combats at PL 1, PL 3, and PL 8, and each of them have their own quirks; at PL 1, characters can feel somewhat same-y, as they don't quite have enough mechanical differentiation between one-another, due to sparse points.

At PL 3, (which I've found is a good place to start games), this is no longer an issue, as the points available allow for very different characters, as well as ensuring that combats last long enough to be entertaining, without dragging out very long.

At PL 8 (the highest echelon of power), you find characters capable of ludicrous amounts of damage and damage-absorbing, so that combat feels like the best parts of say, Dragonball Z.

Char-Gen is quick and, for any fan of fighting games, fun, and the rules are by and large clear on things.

My only complaint would have to do with the art, which is a little all over the place in terms of quality, and the lack of bookmarks in the PDF, which, while minor, is still a bit of a hassle when you don't have the book in hard-copy. All in all, I definitely like Fight!, and would happily recommend it to others.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Fight! The Fighting Game RPG
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