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Bring Dice & Chips: The Holiday Collection 2011 $5.00
Publisher: Doctors Without Borders
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/05/2011 09:19:33

OK. Confession time. I don't care THAT much for comic strips - in his introduction Sean mentions that when he got early issues of DRAGON Magazine he'd head straight for the back to look at the latest ones... this side of the pond, I rarely if ever read them at all! But since these ones have turned up in the DriveThruRPG Newsletter, they have been read each week along with the rest - and I've even tried my hand at StripGenerator as I can no longer draw cartoons since a stroke :(

Sitting reading through these, complete with amusing commentary, you can enjoy watching the whole thing develop.

And even if you don't care too much for the comic strip, it's a neat way of giving to Doctors Without Borders.

Note that, Featured Reviewer that I am, this was PURCHASED with real money.

Thanks, Sean. Keep cartooning. Keep helping us to donate to worthy causes.

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Bring Dice & Chips: The Holiday Collection 2011
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