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Barbarians of the Aftermath $15.00 $10.00
Publisher: Jabberwocky Media
by collin s. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/23/2011 20:53:11

I recently bought Barbarians of Lemuria and I quickly followed that purchase with Barbarians of the Aftermath. I like the BoL system and saw that it being to drive many non Sword and Sorcery game sessions. Barbarians of the Aftermath proves this by providing a big bunch of rule options that you can use for numerous sci-fi settings using the base Barbarians of Lemuria setting, including something Gama World/Mutant Futures-ish, zombie apocalypses, were wolf/vampire type games, and more. Included is even a sort of choose or roll your own apocalypse, to give you a base skeleton on coming up with your own apocalyptic setting. A lot of ideas can be gleaned from BotA that could be used with other role playing systems as well.

The PDF that I bought from RPG Now was very colorful and well laid out. At 175+ pages of rule options I'd say it is well worth the now $10 purchase.

I ended up getting the hard cover version as well. I would rate that a four, as the price point is a little steep, but it still is a good value.

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Barbarians of the Aftermath
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