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Outer Veil
Publisher: Spica Publishing
by John S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/18/2011 17:56:13

Looking for a home for your Ripleys and Deckards? You're in luck because the Outer Veil has plenty of space available. Set in the mid 22nd century at the beginning of the interstellar age the Outer Veil literally offers a sector wide gaming challenge. Corporate intrigue, exploration as well as life on a new world are only some of the adventures possible with this setting. Humanity may dominate the stars but we are not the first out there. Ancient ruins of two interstellar races abound leaving the question are there more? Setting specific rules, careers, spacecraft and equipment provide the finishing touches to the strong background. Bottom line if you are looking for a new Traveller setting with a what's out there feel the Outer Veil provides it.

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Outer Veil
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