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Wraith: The Great War
Publisher: White Wolf
by Matt S. Date Added: 08/05/2004 13:33:23

This is what the original Wraith should have been. Multiethnic, global in scope, and a different take on the nature of ghostly society. There are lots of examples of how Skinland events and objects transform the lagging reality of the Dead. There's lots of chronicle ideas, from crewing a relic war machine to Doomslaying in a world swallowed by the Fifth Great Maelstrom, and lots of setting material as well.

Since this is an addendum to Wraith, most of the material is setting specific, with some rules adjustments. Notably, Arcanoi are altered to reflect older technology and a world in flux. The inhabitants of Swar and the Bush of Ghosts are given their own particular Arcanoi, and the Jade Kingdom is also given a lot of space. What's really exciting (for me) was all the little bits of history I didn't know or consider, such as the use of conscripts from colonies, or the year-by-year breakdown of the Great War. There's also an appendix full of major Necropolises and their situations in both the Skin- and Shadowlands.

If you're a Wraith fan, this game will give you insight into the recent history of Stygia, and some of the dynamics of playing a member of the Legions, which are the power players in this setting. The art's fantastic, the writing's straightforward (I have always appreciated the straightforward style that Wraith has used, even if the naming scheme gets tiresome), and all-in-all, it's a superior piece of work.

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Wraith: The Great War
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