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Outer Veil
Publisher: Spica Publishing
by ralph s. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/17/2011 02:40:00

The Outer Veil is an odd on by Spica Games to Mongoose' latest Traveller Rules. It covers this universe one hundred and fifty years from now, as humanity drives out into the explored or unexplored section of space called 'The Outer veil'. As well as history and a complete sector based around Sol, it has new ships and weapons as well as an adventure and setting specific careers. The TL is 11, which means that Jump-2 is only just becoming available. This whole product is extremely well thought out, and a joy to read. They seem to have sorted out a few missing items very quickly and are very responsive to constructive comment. I hope they concentrate from now on, on producing scenarios and addons for this system rather than the regular Traveller universe. as this is a trully excellent idea and product. Even the ship deck plans are a cut above the normal. I can't recommend this product enough to anybody who wants to play either Traveller or just a sci-fi RPG. Its great.

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Outer Veil
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