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#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG) $2.96
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Eric H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/11/2011 20:20:47

Yet another of the well-done Rite Publishing PDFs on haunts, this one with the theme of, as the title says, haunted objects. These are not haunts hidden away in creepy castles or haunted mansions. These are haunts that can show up virtually anywhere.

We get the usual in-character prologue, and then the haunts themselves.

In order and with CR, they are:

Common Shiny Haunt, CR 2 (Object appears as it did when its ghostly owner was alive)

The Bloody bed, CR 1 (Haunted bed that can kill badly wounded yet stabilized people laid in it)

The Charred Chair, CR 2 (Corpse of a torture victim animates and answers anyone question; oddly helpful for a haunt)

The Cruel Crop, CR 2 (Bloodsoaked riding crop that frightens animals)

The Decadents' Dance, CR 8 (Sculpted dancers freeze onlookers in place until they can escape)

The Determined Device, CR 1 (Haunt repairs and resets a disarmed trap; a nasty surprise for overconfident rogues)

The Doomed Diary, CR 2 (You get the terrifying memories of the last owner; very classically Lovecraftian!)

The Fascinating Flute, CR 5 (Flute forces its player to dance until they can break free)

The Ghostly Guardians, CR 7 (Throne manifests phantom warriors)

The Greedy Garden, CR 1 (Get attacked by spiked vines)

The Hellishly Hot Handle, CR 1 (Haunted doorknob burns the hands of anyone touching it)

The Lonely Locket, CR 6 (Alters appearance to that of former owner)

The Malicious Marionette, CR 5 (Classic nasty animated marionette)

The Mortician's Mirror, CR 5 (Deathly reflection tears away some of your soul)

The Mortician's Mirror II, CR 9 (And if you touch it, you get trapped inside of it!)

The Murderer's Mannequin, CR 3 (When it laughs, so do you...)

The Necromantic Necklace, CR 3 (Animates a zombie to attack you)

The Paranoid's Portrait, CR 5 (Picture fills you with uncontrollable fear)

The Phantasmal Feast, CR 3 (Makes rotting or poisoned food look safe)

The Philanderer's Flask, CR 1 (Turns contents into poison if a woman is near)

The Possessive Pane, CR 6 (Window traps souls and forces them to stare out forever)

The Shaitan's Shadow, CR 7 (Shadow puppet who manifests killer illusions)

The Sightless Skull, CR 2 (It blinds you when you touch it)

The Tenacious Trap, CR 3 (Activates a bypassed trap)

The Tarot's Terror, CR 5 (Haunted Tarot deck inflicts any number of baleful effects)

The Tyrant's Toy Puzzle Palace, CR 11 (Toy palace that imprisons anyone who opens it within; a very cool idea!)

The Willful Wife's Wardrobe, CR 2 (Summons a swarm of spiders)

Then comes the best part of this PDF, three interconnected haunts together with a ghost and adventure location, the Temple of the Worm God. Suffice to say that, combined, this will make for one truly nasty encounter, and one that can easily have long-lasting repercussions if you don't figure out exactly how to defuse the last haunt!

Great piece of work, and a steal at the price.

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#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
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