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Transit to Perdition: Near Death Experience #2 for Rapture: The End of Days $7.50
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Jim C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/10/2011 05:35:52

I can forgive a lot for the imagination that goes into the gruesome denouement of this tale. I personally don't much like the particular technology that underpins the story and seems to justify any sort of magical occurrence in recent SF. Its background seems a little too contrived. But if the players will never know about it and the GM can justify it as a necessary leap of logic to make the science-horror work, maybe it's nothing to worry about.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Jim C.

Sorry it’s taken a while for me to reply to you; I wanted to have something to show – that is an update to the product based on reviews – before replying. Firstly, can I say; thank you, thank you, and thank you. The first thank you is for the feedback; any feedback in gratefully accepted. We can’t make things better if we don’t have other peoples’ takes on things. Secondly, thank you for not blurting out the secret core of the adventure. Others would probably have not been so considerate. And third, thank you for speaking your mind and giving me something to work with. While 5 star ‘it’s just awesome’ reviews are good for the ego, they are not that good for improving the product. I like reviews that tell me something that I can do to make things better.

Your dislike of the underlying technology of the adventure is not surprising given the way Hollywood has abused it in the past. I do agree that they use it as a cure-all in their storylines - I hope you can see that I only use it as a basis for far more complex and scary shenanigans. The recent remake of a classic 50’s sci-fi springs to mind, however, there it was alien produced. As there are no aliens in vanilla Rapture, everything that happens is due to humankind up until the Rapture itself. Thus, in the secret history, it is mankind’s doing. I can’t do much about your feeling that the secret history section is contrived – it’s been accepted as cannon now by the Universe’s author, and is already referenced to in multiple new works that are in production. But having said that, I lead on to one of the new additions to the product that I hope you, Jim, will access and read, as it was specifically written to address your (and anyone else’s) issues with the ‘underlying technology.’ It’s the Technology Sate of Play document, and it outlines where that tech is in real life, up to the present day, as well as where we see it progressing and fitting into the timeline of Rapture: The End of Days. Dislike or no, this tech is fundamental to advances we’ve made in many facets of production and manufacturing in real life, and it is only going to increase. Given that this adventure occurs over 600 years in the future, I think that it’s quite possible that advancements to that point, even with the 200 years of ‘The Great Gap’ in there, is plenty of time for it to mature into what is presented. Well that’s our opinion, anyway.

The other addition I made to the product, based on your comments, was to tie the secret history into the adventure officially. Now there is an audio clue and transcript that can be used by the GM (at the appropriate juncture) to tie it in. I hope that the players will want to read the full secret history after the game’s conclusion, so they can fully understand the effort we put in to not only making the Rapture Universe a rich playing field for your games, but an internally constant one as well.
Thanks again for your comments, and I hope this update improves your consideration of our products. We aim for Gaming Excellence, and if you speak, we listen.

Best Regards,

Ray Duell
StoryWeaver Games
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Transit to Perdition: Near Death Experience #2 for Rapture: The End of Days
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