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Deadlands Reloaded: Devil's Night $0.00
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Chris W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/04/2011 19:34:41

Not a bad addition to the Deadlands mythos, but I just can't shake the feeling that this was written by someone just going through the motions. This feels more like a generic Halloween adventure template with some Old West/Deadlands paint liberally applied to it. There's none of that old school "holy sh-t!, only in Deadlands!" appeal to this adventure. As a huge Deadlands fan, I really miss that.

I understand this is a free product, but I am a bit bothered by the fact that this seems to be little more than an ad. "The Coachman," a major villain in this adventure, is not even given game stats. Instead, the very last sentence of this adventure reads "The statistics for both the Black Coachman and the hell hounds can be found in the Savage Worlds Horror Companion," followed by a full page ad for that book.

I've been a Deadlands fan from the beginning. I've followed Deadlands through the original and revised classic editions, watched as they ground the game to a halt with the D20 conversion, and I am now essentially being asked to buy even more books which contain largely the same information as the dozens of books I already own. Kind of a slap in the face when what I was told I was getting was a free Deadlands adventure.

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Deadlands Reloaded: Devil's Night
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