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Lost Roads of Lociam - Core rulebook - Light $29.00 $0.00
Publisher: Lost Roads of Lociam
by Kobey J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/22/2011 18:24:43

I have always loved this game - and ito have it available free is just awesome! The game has a robust engine, cool setting and loads of twists and surprises, making it ideal for ambitious gamemasters to explore with his players. The game is also growing all the time, which makes it even cooler - it is like an organic thing where new stuff keeps popping up all the time. The game just turned 20 (that's older than me lol!) and you can tell – it is pretty oldschool (which is so cool, so many “new” games are just too... meh), and there is a LOT of it – and more coming!

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Lost Roads of Lociam - Core rulebook - Light
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