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Transit to Perdition: Near Death Experience #2 for Rapture: The End of Days $7.50
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Patrick T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/04/2011 21:05:23

Return to Perdition is a one-off adventure for 'Rapture: End of Days'. At 50 pages, plus a HUGE variety of quality supporting downloads including maps and audio clips, you will get more than you bargained for! The adventure runs like the outline for a movie - not a script - but the background, plot, synopsis, actors, motivations, and a true sci-fi horror finale. It provides plenty of opportunity for GM customisation and for players to take it in multiple directions. After playing the advanture through the one thing that struck me was 'hey, the horror did not go out the window once the big-bad-guy was releaved.' I hope everyone appreciates just how difficult a feat this is! It reminded me of the early Cthulhu material in lots of good ways, but with a really cool twisted setting that was just plain spooky from the opening. The 'Tips for Terror' and play examples I think are essential for any setting that is vastly different from what you already know - and beleive me 'Rapture' is - and these do a good job of explaining the best style for running the adventure. The actual writing style is informal, with lots of dark-humor in the sidebars which may/may-not be your preference? At the very least it makes for easy reading. In truth there are a few layout errors but I only noticed them when I went looking for them, and overall it is a quality product. The 'GMs secret background information' was interesting, but I got the feeling that I either had to be so familiar with it that it rolled of my tounge, or I should avoid mentioning it and stick to the core adventure. Some guidance on that would have been useful. The character section deserved a few more details or more guidance, however, the 'summary tables' of characters are something that I think a lot of other games can pick up on, as they will make running the game a lot simpler for a GM. All-in-all this is a very busy 'sandbox' and I'm sure a lot of the ideas and even characters (who survive ; ) would find a place in other Rapture settings. I would have liked to have seen a 'flowchart' summary of the options available in the game, to cut down in the cross-referencing the GM will have to do, but the options are certainly plenty and there for the taking. Enjoy!

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Creator Reply:
Hi Patrick T,
Thank you for your clear, concise and well balanced review. We worked hard to make it a fun, creepy, scary experience, and keep the horror going after the big reveal. I’m glad you liked it. ‘Tips for Terror’ has been expanded in the recent update, now talking about ways to expediently keep track of characters, paperwork, and playing audio and sound effects to great effect. We’ve also done a bug hunt, tweaked and tickled everything, and added 2 pages worth of new material, to bring the core file up to exactly 50 pages (inc. cover). Now with all that material, you were quite right; it was rather had to find what you needed quickly, so I’ve gone in and created a GM’s cheat sheet. It has a flow chart for the adventure (as per your suggestion), as well as all the dice related rules that were scattered throughout the adventure, now all on the one page, and on the back is a ‘master threats table,’ with all the dice and necessary description detail for all the NPC’s you’ll want to keep track of during the game. I recommend printing it out on a double-sided page, and then scribbling all over it during play. Likewise, with the Crew Tracking Sheet either on a PC/tablet or printed out, you can keep track of all the characters easily and quickly, saving time, confusion and making your game of Transit to Perdition run as smooth as glass.

All in all, thanks to yours’ and others’ comments, with this update - including minor changes gleaned from running the module multiple times at Cons - Transit to Perdition is now the Sci-Fi horror GM’s sweet, sweet, tasty treat! Do download the update and enjoy!

Best Regards,

Ray Duell
StoryWeaver Games
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Transit to Perdition: Near Death Experience #2 for Rapture: The End of Days
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