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Publisher: Dream Machine Productions
by Loris G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/05/2015 03:21:32

I rated this product 4 after reading it. Then I tried it and oh boy ! What a treat !!

The systems works to the perfection to create cyberpunk characters (in the Neuromancer/HardWired/When Gravity Fails original flavour of CyberPunk) : you play someone efficient, who looks cool and is one of the best at what he/she does with lots of debts and favors to return, wrapped in a net of vicious relationships from contacts who wants more than they show.

At the end of character creation, you've got a relationship map that will do all the work of the adventure design, characters completely immersed in the setting and that map. The systems is perfectly for the Noir/Hardboiled style : characters will take a lot before getting down. The Transmissions system for providing sandboxed settings is just perfect.

What I could reproach to the game is the lack of a small cheat sheet included or available on the website and new transmissions or hacks (to play fantasy, western, etc. or to play new things, like the author did with MechNoir).

I think TechNoir is the CyberPunk game I've been looking for a very long time and I'm already working on two transmissions of my own (Paris and the Budayeen).

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