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#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG) $2.96
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/01/2011 17:35:46

30 Haunts of Objects by Rite Publishing

This product is 15 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits. (2 pages)

Introduction (1 ½ page) It starts with a IC introduction and then gets into the different types of haunts etc.

Haunted Objects (8 ½ pages) In this section we get 30 haunted objects, they range from a jewelry, paintings, mirrors, to larger objects like beds etc. The range from CR 1 to 11. There is 27 single haunted objects and one with several haunts tied to it. A few of the ones that caught my eye. The Cruel Crop – causes animals to be afraid of the crop. The Doomed Diary – made by a young artist that joined a death cult, those that read it start to gain the memories of the diary. The Hellish Hot Handle – a door knob gotten from a old house that burned down. It can make those smell smoke and those gripping feel panic for those trapped inside and the knob heats up like heat metal spell. The Necromantic Necklace – very cool story to it, it can cause the dead to rise as undead. The Tarots Terror – a haunted tarot card deck. There is 4 different effects based on the cards drawn during a reading.

It ends with a OGL and ads. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. There is a mix of color and black and white art in this product. They style is older style of art that Rite Publishing is becoming known for. They range from fair to pretty good. Editing and layout was pretty good but I did notice a few minor errors such as a * in the middle of a word for no apparent reason, but all and all nothing that made the product hard to understand and use. I honestly could have listed a lot more examples I liked virtually all the haunted objects to one degree or another. Though a few of the objects I felt could have used a bit more history and or explanation to them. I also felt a few of them could have gone a bit further. That and I wish there had been a lot more of them, especially of the smaller more personal objects one could place in a dungeon, haunted house etc and expect the PC's to maybe pick up and keep. So what's my rating? I thought it was very good but could have used a bit more polish so I am going to settle for a 4.5 star review.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

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#30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
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