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One Dollar Dungeon: Fighter's Barroom Brawl Map Pack $1.00
Publisher: D20 Cartographer
by Frank G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/08/2011 08:16:03

The Fighter's Barroom Brawl is the 2nd map pack of then One Dollar Dungeons collection and I like it. It's a typical medieval tavern with regulars' table, bar and kitchen on the base floor, a little cellar and spare rooms on the upper floor. Unlike the other maps the Barroom is enclosed by some other buildings with visible roofs. The map itself has a wide range of options. It is a good work again but maybe a little bit "to clean". Some lighting effects could be very nice.

With the map pack you will get a nice readme with cover, hints and previews, ready to print PDF for A4 and US Letter (fullcolor and greyscale maps), unsliced images of all parts and a VTT/Maptool package - for just one dollar.

The Fighter's Barroom Brawl is nothing special but a good map too, fitting to the other maps of D20 Cartographer.

One note: The first version of the map pack missed the unsliced map images. With the update of 2011-09-06 you get the whole package with images included. Thanks to Joshua.

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One Dollar Dungeon: Fighter's Barroom Brawl Map Pack
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