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Fantasy Craft Second Printing
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Publisher: Crafty Games
by Scott S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/26/2011 12:33:54

I must say after reading and playing it, it turned out to be a great system. The character creation options are so awesome that you could play 10 fighters and none of them would be the same. I loved the way treasure is handled it is very cool and makes for a much more satisfying game from a player's perspective. I have not played a mage yet but it is intriguing the way it is set up and I am very excited to try a cleric. I love the way knowledge checks are done. It makes perfect sense. Action dice a great too. NPC creation is easy and everything scales nicely. My most recent game my 4th level party was able to face off with a Lich, the cool thing is that the Lich will be back in a few levels and he will scale perfectly for the adventure he will reappear in.

All said, this is another great game system by Crafty games. Keep up the good work.


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Fantasy Craft Second Printing
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