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Kingdom of Nothing
Publisher: Galileo Games
by Gokce M. A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/26/2011 02:39:10

This book has one of the most beautiful design I've ever seen. It can be read once, without hurting your eyes even using a computer to read. Using big points of letters is a good idea, and biggest reason of this book becoming 80 pages.

Kingdom of Nothing is about homeless people, who lost everything they hold dear. Yes, players are to roleplay homeless people. They try to remember their old lives, they thrive find a way, or they may vanish into shadows... to hunt other homelesses. KoN takes its base from urban legends and Industrial Revolution.

Even while you are reading introduction, you will feel that you are being sucked into setting. You use changes as dices and a plastic cup to roll them, don't you think it is fabulous?

The method defaulted to create character, forces you to create a "character". Not some numbers, statistics or a cold piece of paper. You create a human being who lost everything he loved. Also, character creation is collaborative. The other players and Narrator are to write secrets for your character. Since you are the main character here you also feel that you are shaping story, not moving in a pre-made adventure. Pre-made adventures are not bad surely, I try to emphasize this is not that way.

Since game is about you finding yourself and your old days(as a character), KoN is a noir game. It's not pitch black, but grey, far from white at first, maybe further if you don't try live better, but to see sunlight at the end of cave. It is eye hurting but beautiful. You may have one or two broken ribs, but it is totally worth it. You feel alive as a character if you go through this game enough time.

Sure, there are drawbacks of this system. It is NOISY! A hell of sound comes out, when you roll changes and it is head-hurting after a few times. There are some abusible spots, but it is hard to find and you may not see someone using it even if you play with a hundred of character. This system focuses on role-playing.

This book has all things to run a game in itself. It has both player and narrator part, and also a bestiary -this may be a wrong term-. Also good visuals, good design and a good choice of words. Pleasuring in all ways.

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Kingdom of Nothing
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