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The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. VI - Autochthonia $11.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by william p. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/17/2011 16:43:13

For those who bought the subscription: we know how worthwhile this book is already even when we had to wait four months for it to come in piecemeal.

For those who have not bought this: the Autochthonian setting is almost in all ways superior to the individual Directions of Creation taken either seperately or as a whole. This is a setting in which mortals matter without depriving their native Exalts of chances for heroism, glory, and dramatic failure. Heroic mortals are one of the key backbones upon which life can exist in this otherwise hostile alien environment. There is truly no limit to the possible diversity of games one can tell within the steampunk magitech confines of the Realm of Brass and Shadow without ever touching Creation or other realms of existence.

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The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. VI - Autochthonia
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