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Mirrors: Infinite Macabre $5.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by John M. W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/11/2011 23:21:23

I've been a fan of White Wolf since the original Vampire released, and I'll admit from the outset that I think the company has been declining in quality ever since the "new" World of Darkness first reared its ugly head. Or even sooner.

And this book exemplifies a lot of what I've come to dislike about new White Wolf publications. I realize 5 bucks isn't much, but I basically feel like I paid to get a glimpse of a game designer's notebook. There's so much potential for a fully realized setting here that it sorta feels like the folks at White Wolf just didn't believe in the product and opted to try to make a buck off of a half (half? more like tenth) realized product. I grant some others' points that it is somewhat refreshing that we're given hints and gestures and then encouraged to make a world of our own. But to my mind one of the strengths of the old WoD was that it managed to provide you with tons of rich material that never, ever, limited what you could do with the world yourself.

In short I feel like this book boils down to a blog post titled "Hey, what if WoD was a space opera?" and then listed a couple ideas. Then it got designed and typeset and sold for too much. Blech.

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Mirrors: Infinite Macabre
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