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Spinward Encounters
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Publisher: Mongoose
by P-O B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/05/2011 05:51:45

The contents of Spinward Encounters are really really good. I love adventure, and this book is packed with them. There are 64 Patron type Adventures (4 for each subsector in the Spinward Marches), and 16 Amber Zone type adventures. Many of these are well thought out, and are a bit longer than a normal (classic) patron or amber zone. A nice thing about a few of the amber zones in the District 268 is that the referee can connect them into a mini campaign.

As a referee, you might think that only four adventures for each subsector makes this product a bit overpriced. But if you are playing in one of the two most popular subsectors (Regina or District 268), then it would be easy to lead your PCs into the five adjacent subsectors. Then you would have 24 useful patrons to play, and for Regina five extra Amber Zones, and for District 268 nine extra Amber Zones. If you play in any of the Vilis, Lanth, Sword Worlds or Lunion subsectors, then you can use 36 patrons if you let you PCs travel into neighbouring subsectors.

The problem with this book is that the layout is quite bad, and that there is no proper index. An index is something that would be very useful if you want to plan to integrate any part of the book into your campaign.

There are a few nice images in the book. I like the one with a Bwap and a Vargr on page 33. This image is probably meant to illustrate the patron at Jesedipere at page 16. As I said, the layout is quite bad… In this image you can spot the Serenity in the background. Maybe also in the image on page 27. That was a nice Easter egg. LOL!

I decided to make a quick index, so you quickly can see if your PC group is at a place where the referee can run any of the adventures in the book. The patrons and amber zones are in the same order as in the book. The patrons are sorted by subsectors A-P in the Spinward Marches. The planet listed is a suggested starting place. This is not always the same as where the adventures takes place.

Patrons: Chronor Subsector - page 7

Bounty Hunter - Rasatt Agent - Whenge Diplomat - Rasett (sic!) Army Enlisted Man - Quar

Jewell Subsector - page 10

Abbot - Emerald Priest - Pequan Researcher - TBD Entertainer - Jewell

Regina Subsector - page 13

Government Official - Beck’s World Naval Enlisted Men - Alell Bureaucrat - Regina Law Enforcer - Roup

Aramis Subsector - page 16

Merchant - Towers Bwap Treasury Assessor - Jesedipere Imperial Scout - Dhian Criminal - Junidy

Querion Subsector - page 19

Itinerant Trader - TBD Salvager - Thanber Scientist - Sansibar Naval Officer - Retinae

Vilis Subsector - page 22

Imperial Scout - Garda-Vilis Merchant - TBD Engineer - Phlume Police Officer - Garda-Vilis

Lanth Subsector - page 25

Aslan Male - Keanou Imperial Scout - Keanou Criminal - Dinomn Salvager - D’Ganzio

Rhylanor Subsector page 28

Theatre Owner - TBD Starport Administrator - Henoz Corporate Fixer - Rhylanor Submariner - Vanejen

Darrian Subsector - page 31

Arms Dealer - Darrian Farmer - TBD Doctor - Mire Archaeologist - Darrian

Sword Worlds Subsector - page 34

Traveller - TBD Government Official - Dyrnwyn Farmer - Hrunting Flyer - Gungnir

Lunion Subsector - page 38

Businessman - Spirelle Belter - Zaibon Scientist - Smoug Broker - Lunion

Mora Subsector - page 41

Zoo Keeper - TBD Army Officer - Byret Business Executive - TBD Private Investigator - TBD

Five Sisters Subsector - page 44

Noble - Raweh Merchant - Iderati Merchant - Mewey Droyne Sport - Mewey

District 268 Subsector - page 49

Botanist - Collace Bar Owner - TBD Collector - Mertactor Broker - Dallia

Glisten Subsector - page 52

Criminal - Mithras Refugee - Horosho Banker - Tirem Traveller - Aki

Trin’s Veil Subsector - page 55

Reporter - Trin Business Executive - Squanine Hunter - Chamois Noble - Fosey

Amber Zones:

Bloodwell - Efate (Regina) Justice - TBD (Lanth) Outback - TBD (Glisten) News Fit To Print - Strouden (Lunion) Conspiracy - Dallia (District 268) Emperor’s Birthday - Vilis (Vilis) Boom Time - Lunion (Lunion) My Fair Patient - Ruby (Jewell) Extreme Sports - Edenelt (Trin’s Veil) Drug Problems - Tionale (Vilis) Saluma’s Treasure - Aramis (Trin’s Veil) Detached Duty - Bowman (District 268) Draykrosk’s Run - Wonstar (Five Sisters) Dangerous Allegiances - Dallia (District 268) The Noctocol to Elixabeth Run - Dallia (District 268) The Talchek Crossing - TBD (District 268)

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Spinward Encounters
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