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Remnants Role Playing Game
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Publisher: Outrider Studios
by Jay S. A. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/01/2011 19:54:50

Remnants Roleplaying Game is an acessible, easy-to-learn rpg set in a unique world with plenty of opportunities to stomp around in giant mecha.

The Rapidfire ruleset is well thought out, and provides plenty of options for the player characters as well as their Ishin, and as with most mecha games, half of the fun is putting together your custom mech.

The setting is broad, and the Fantasy-slash-Post-Apocalyptic premise means that one could reasonably run all sorts of games. Already I’m thinking of a campaign that is a riff of “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan” which also features people finding mecha lost from a time before while fighting beastmen, but I digress.

Overall, Remnants is a solid RPG from Outrider Studios, and should be something to check out if you’re a fan of cinematic mecha rpgs without the hexes and the heatsinks and other fiddly bits that slow things down.

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Remnants Role Playing Game
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