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Agents of SWING: Preview/The Art of PAIN $0.50
Publisher: Postmortem Studios
by Claudia S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/22/2012 13:26:12

Taking into account that this isn't exactly a "starter kit", and actually an unfinished sampler of the final product, I must say I'm highly impressed. I ran the scenario inside at a convention, and not only was easy and fun to run it, but it ended up getting voted as the RPG Highlight for the convention. Despite being classified as a samplerpreview, it can be easily used as a Starter or Demo kit, and contains quite a lot of information (enough to run a starter game from it).

Inside, you'll find a quick guide to the setting (and a study of the SWING organization), a cheat-sheet of the mechanics of the game, four pre-gen characters and a complete adventure "The Art of P.A.I.N.".

I should note that as a starter kit, it does have some flaws, such as missing or incomplete art in the pre-generated characters, and the layout needs a serious review. Also, a sampler PDF costing money is a bit, well, unusual (not to mention counter-productive).

However, the adventure itself is amazingly fun, and that alone is more than worth the 0.36 euro tag -- and this is from where my 5 star rating comes from: this is not a small, randomly put together adventure (as those in most starter kits are, just involving a few encounters barely pieced together by a shred of plot). This is an amusing, incredibly well thought of, and original. You can use this adventure as part of an ongoing AoS campaign -- or, heck, any spy-themed RPG out there (with just a few minor tweaks) -- from the base concept of the adventure to the fact that players can solve it in several different ways (no more getting stuck because the group isn't running a combat character, or because there isn't a trained burglar in the party).

The admission price is definitely worth it.

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Agents of SWING: Preview/The Art of PAIN
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