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TNE-0313 Striker 2 Traveller Miniatures Rules
Publisher: Game Designers' Workshop (GDW)
by Paul C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/29/2011 12:47:14

Striker 2 is a classic battalion level game where each stand is a platoon. This makes it ideal for simulating larger conflicts where combined arms really matter. Infantry, armor, artillery, environments, electronic warfare and especially command and control are all covered. The game is excellent for a campaign and also include four detailed scenarios with force lists. The game can be played with 6mm-15mm miniatures or even as a board game with counters and a map.

It is based on the Command Decision rules (ver 2.0 I think) from 20 years ago or so. Command Decision itself is now at version 4.0 and called Test of Battle. Being an older game Striker 2 is considerably more detailed than today's more streamlined titles. But if you like the detail and the scale the CD system is still an excellent set of rules and once you get a few games under your belt they play fairly quickly. But three hour games are the norm.

Perhaps the more annoying thing is because Striker 2 is set in the Traveller universe it sticks to having real stats for everything so you are constantly dealing with real ranges and millimeters of armor. Again this is nice from a detail perspective but somewhat annoying from a game flow perspective.

Striker 2 includes a few dozen vehicle profiles but, again, being a Traveller title it assumes you are bringing units over from your regular Traveller games and thus only provides rules for converting units for Striker 2. You will need other Traveller rules for unit design. But even without this it is easy to make up your own you just won't be gauranteed balance without some play.

The PDF you get is a scan of the original and is well reproduced. The original was all black and white and so is this but there is some excellent art included.

The best modern successor to Striker 2 is probably Strike Legion Planetray Ops or Future War Commander. SLPO is more streamlined and more comprehensive but if you like platoon level battles Striker 2 is still worth a look especially if you play Traveller.

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TNE-0313 Striker 2 Traveller Miniatures Rules
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