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Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms Sneak Preview $0.00
Publisher: Palladium Books
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/21/2011 05:58:51

A delightful excerpt to whet your appetite for this forthcoming work, consisting of a pseudo-scholarly discourse explaining the true nature of vampires in a 'popular science' article.

It covers what a true vampire actually is, how a human (or D-Bee for that matter) becomes one - in a nutshell, it's fast and it's fatal - and debunks many of the myths that have built up around vampires. Various ways of dealing with them are discussed, with commentary on how effective each method is... and how practical: whilst a stake through the heart WILL put paid to one, have you ever thought just how hard it is to drive one into a vampire's chest accurately, while he is very likely objecting to the procedure?

It's a treat to read in its own right, and if the rest of the book lives up to this standard, I'm looking forward to it!

(Where's my garlic? Darn, dearly beloved cooked it all...)

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Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms Sneak Preview
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