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Invasive Procedures $6.95
Publisher: Pelgrane Press
por NB N. [Featured Reviewer] Fecha en que fue añadido: 07/20/11 21:18:09

WARNING: This scenario is hideous . . . in a good way. If it doesn't disturb and horrify your players, you may want to find a group of non-serial killers to play with. The overall structure is well laid out. There are great tips for running the scenario and cool vignettes to throw at your players. You even get rules to convert to Trail of Cthulhu . . . BONUS!

To give you a peek at the horror, your players assume the roles of patients in a hospital about to be phased out. Everything seems on the up and up until night comes. Then everything changes. Silent Hill-esque creatures roam the halls and characters are subjected to some VERY disturbing events. The scenario plays on helplessness, occult horrors, and a gradual ramp up of unsettling events directed at the characters to really mess with your players' heads. Pregens are included and I would recommend using them if you don't want to tweak too much of the story.

There are some added mechanics to consider here, which bring an interesting twist to investigation. Players lose health if they don't stay in bed to rest and will lose health when exerting themselves. Preventing a terrible fate from befalling you is juxtaposed with dying a slow death from your injuries. I'm curious to see how my particular group handles it.

This is not for the faint of heart and I almost . . . ALMOST . . . don't want to subject my players to this in order to make sure they keep playing. If I was a player without any knowledge of this scenario, I would be terrified. This is what horror scenarios should be.

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Invasive Procedures
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