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ZEITGEIST #1: Island at the Axis of the World (Pathfinder RPG) $7.99 $4.00
Publisher: EN Publishing
by jonathan w. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/20/2011 09:08:27

Zeitgeist: Island at the Axis of the World is not your typical pathfinder module. This adventure path has more in line with a movie or a story rather than a set place where stuff happens and the PCs just pick up the pieces. Whilst reading 50+ pages of well laid out text, gorgeous artwork, and spectacular maps I was trying very hard to picture how this victorian style/fantasy steam punk type game would mesh with my own campaign. The module hass guns (Paizo's beta ruleset), magical steam ships, jungle lighthouses with magic sprinkled in there to make you feel that all of this COULD be possible, but how can I shoehorn this all into my game?

Answer: I can't at this time. My world doesn't mesh with this one, I wish it did so I could work through all the lovely story which whisks your characters from one locale to another, nonstop Indiana Jones rushing around until the final climatic battle at the end of the module. Maybe my next game I can use this or steal bits from later modules as I know that there is enough crunchy material to go around.

Boring review stuff:

Pros: Above Average Artwork Clear text with no background Well labeled Maps NPCs and locations suitably challenging and throughout to be able to drop in for easy use *Hold the Line scenario!

Cons: Magical Items don't have proper build stats NPCs may be overpowered in the end scenario, they are supposed to. *Will drain your printer dry printing this thing, would like a barebones setting.

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ZEITGEIST #1: Island at the Axis of the World (Pathfinder RPG)
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