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Laser Ponies $1.99
Publisher: Hex Games
by Kurt L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/10/2011 22:02:49

Ok, first let me say that I am writing this review not from the point of view of a man that has been role-playing since the late 80's That would totally miss the point, I think. Instead I will look at this short little book as a father of three little girls that would like to learn to play with their dad someday. First of all, it's short and simple which is perfect for the ages that it is intended for. The art is childish and cute, again fitting the theme very well. However, what really sells me on this product is the fact the my kids haven't shut up about it since I showed it to them. Personally I think there should be more products like this so that our generation can share the joy of storytelling with our kids and families. Not only do I salute Hex Games for Laser Ponies, I give them my sincere thanks as a father!

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Laser Ponies
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