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Golden Age Starships 2: Corsair $9.95 $5.97
Publisher: Mongoose
by Daniel H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/07/2011 15:09:34

GAS 2: Corsair gives a GM both a new type of "pirate ship" to use for and against his players as well as a few example crews, ranging from a "Gentleman pirate" who is only interested in the cargo and will try to make sure his victims survive to more sadistic and cruel adversaries.

The deck plans are serviceable and the level of descriptive detail is average for this sort of product, consisting of a single page text overview, a single page of "ship stats", and the deck plans. You won't find the kind of details you would find in a product like "Safari Ship". The write-up is much more like a "Traders and Gunboats" ship.

If that were all that there was to this booklet, it wouldn't get more than 3 stars, but the additional crews, rule suggestions and adventure ideas make this a worthwhile purchase.

What is not good, however, is the exterior ship art. Frankly, players would be more likely to laugh at a ship that looks like this one than be afraid of it. I would have liked to see at least one interior artwork picture as well, either a bridge shot or even just some prisoners being escorted to the brig. (There is one interior shot, but it is of a pirate boarding another ship.)

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Golden Age Starships 2: Corsair
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