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(5e)Savage Company Campaign Setting for 5th Edition $19.99 $14.98
Publisher: SHM Publishing
by Ronald B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/09/2021 00:32:16

As a pre-release reviewer, I have meticulously poured over many of the mechanical elements of this product. What the SHM team put together here will bring 20th century style warfare into fifth edition campaigns like nothing else. If you saw the cover art and asked yourself “Could this really be what I’m hoping it is?”, the answer is “Hell yes!”.

The “Savage” variants of the ‘monstrous’ races offer a much more gameplay & RP friendly take, versus what’s found in official supplements. The new subclass options, alongside the infantryman class, present thematically fitting choices while keeping with familiar 5e conventions. And the new equipment selections and fully-fleshed firearms mechanics round out the core of the book by delivering modern-esq tools of war in D&D fantasy style.

Now, gear up your Orcs and go crush some ‘umies!

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(5e)Savage Company Campaign Setting for 5th Edition
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