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Wicked Ones $19.99
Publisher: Bandit Camp
by Armando O. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/25/2020 03:38:49

Of all the FiTD games that I have read and played thus far this is (I dare to say) the one that is written with much care. It is very newbie friendly!

Reading a ruleset is a daunting task because the rules come one after the other but the author is very explicit and goes to great lenghts to show you how each new rule introduce fit in the overall ruleset and hiw it relates to the rules discussed already. The best part is that the examples interwoven throughout the text bring it all to life in a way that helps understand everything.

As for the game, it is so much fun! Is very easy setting up or at least that was my impression because setting everything up is quite integrated into the experience.

Also, another highlight for me was the Faction and Sandbox rules because they are so flexible, impactful and fun. Setting up the factions is something that involves all players and helps everyone get in the mindset about the world. It helpa breeds familiary with a homebrewed setting that pops up almost instantly with everyone's help.

Finally, the freeform magic system is very fun and I think quite well-thought.

TL;DR: great game, must buyiT

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Wicked Ones
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